Friday, July 25, 2008

Minor blog redesign & advertisements addition

During the last months i have been experimenting with and doing small changes in the design of my blog, ranging from the addition of a custom Google search to the addition of today's advertisement.

Here is a summary of all of them:

  • Profile details have been moved inside the profile, so they are not viewable from the main page. You have to click on "View my complete profile" in order to view them.
  • A picture of me and John (Chambers, who else?) from Cisco Live 2008 has been added as a profile photo. I hope it's blurred enough, so i cannot be recognized easily. You wouldn't believe how friendly the CEO of a network giant can be.
  • A custom Google search engine has been added, which includes all the blogs links shown at the right sidebar. Everyone interested can add his/her own links to this custom search engine by following the appropriate links.
  • A blog list has been added, which displays the latest news/posts for each one of the blog links at the right sidebar. I'm thinking of removing the blog links at some time in the future if the blog list satisfies both needs.
  • An advertisement area has been added, something different than the adsense area which is at the bottom of the right sidebar. This started when some days ago i was contacted by Mike Down of IP Expert, regarding a mutual "cooperation". I was offered some free "gifts" from IP Expert's training material in exchange of a banner of his company on my blog. I'm not generally a fan of training products that teach you the technologies, especially in a non-interactive way (that goes for all vendors), because i have the bad habit of focusing mostly on my own strengths in order to understand them, to get into them, to mess with them. That's why i usually prefer the kind of graded mock labs, so i can better evaluate my knowledge after i have acquired it using my own means (too bad i haven't found any vendor offering these for the SP track). To be honest, Mike's offer was quite generous, but it didn't fit me; at least not for the present (we had a very interesting talk about all this). Nevertheless i decided to add his company's banner on my blog, because i enjoyed all this conversation with Mike and of course you never know what the future will hold (when J.Chambers talks so eagerly about "The Power of Collaboration" in Live 2008, you'd better keep notes).
  • The disclaimer at the bottom of the page has been updated to include information about 3rd party content, blog posts/comments and advertisements.
  • The width of the main column (where the posts are shown) has been increased, so most IOS configuration examples can be displayed without the need to scroll left-right.

My next step is to finalize the css style regarding my posts, so everything has a common format. HTML/CSS isn't my best, but i like messing almost with everything.

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