Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cisco Exam Price Update as of June 24, 2008

In case you didn't notice it, there has been an increase in the price of Cisco written exams.

Some interesting facts about it, taken from certification online support:

Q. What exactly is the price adjustment being made at this time?
A. As of June 24, 2008, the price of the CCNA comprehensive exam #640-802, the single exam option for achieving CCNA certification, will be $250 USD, the professional-level Composite exam #642-892, will be $300 USD and the CCIE written exams will be $350 USD or the local currency equivalent in all regions. All other exam prices still apply. For more information, contact Pearson VUE at

Q. Will the price be adjusted in all worldwide locations?
A. Yes, the price will be adjusted in all regions. Cisco Certified Learning Partners in some areas may include the exam along with a training course for a single price.

Q. How can I find out the local currency price for exams?
A. All prices cited are in U.S. dollars. For details about local currency pricing in the country where you take an exam, contact Cisco’s authorized test delivery partner, Pearson VUE.

Q. Will the price to Networking Academy students also be changed?
A. Consistent with our past years strategy, Cisco will provide financial assistance to Cisco Networking Academy students in the form of discounts to help defray the cost of key certification exams.

Q. Will the price increase impact the Cisco CA employee discount?
A. CA employee voucher program will not change ($50USD).

Q. Why is the price being adjusted at this time?
A. Our market analysis indicates the price of these exams are out of line with the market value it provides and with other IT certification exams at the Associate, Professional and Expert level. Cisco Career Certifications is one of the industry's most recognizable and highly valued programs for IT professionals. Achieving either a CCNA, Professional or Expert certification validates knowledge and hands-on skill with the world's leading networking solutions.

I read almost 10 times the last QA, but i couldn't think of any no-money-included relationship between exam price and exam market value. Does a higher priced exam (alone by itself) make it a higher valued exam?


  1. In my opinion, every manufacturer establishes a price for its exam based on the desire of people who want to have have their certification. Cisco is a huge name in the networking business and has to set a fair price, considering others check their prices and use them for their own certifications. Unfortunately, the current raise of prices has a more economical reason than a performance one. USA is in recession and so they have to ask more of the people wanting to get CCNA, CCNP or any other piece of paper. Taking into consideration the increasing number of people in Asia getting certified, Cisco's income will increase for sure. At around the same time, another competitor, Juniper has announced another free certification and this is how Cisco reacts. I, for one, won't be tempted to get more from Cisco, because of this new price. The jobs in networking are still scarce and many employers, even if they ask for certifications, don't understand the value of it. Now, with the same amount of money you can become MCSA and not CCNA. I don't know how's the situation in other countries but in mine, MCSA is better paid than CCNA. So, good luck Cisco with this new path you are taking.

  2. The new triple -paper only- CCNA will surely make Cisco richer. Maybe they found an easy way to increase their revenue.

  3. what is current and latest price updates for cisco exam for each paper of ccnp?

  4. what is current and latest price updates for cisco exam for each paper of ccnp?

  5. Shambhu, you'll find some info here

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