Thursday, July 3, 2008

CCIP completed

After 40 days of hard preparation (there were times i was feeling more exhausted than the days of my CCIE preparation) for the MPLS exam, i finished my CCIP certification. The MPLS exam was the most difficult, because it was almost new to me, besides some basic theory which i already knew (and 2-3 labs on my dynamips setup). So i had to spend a lot of time on understanding the concepts behind it, creating various L2/L3 VPN scenarios and experimenting with TE. BGP & QoS were like a review of my recent CCIE plus some extra (more detailed) information.

Start day: 1 Feb 2008 (12 days after my CCIE; would you believe that? i still don't)

  • 642-901 (BCSI): 4 Jan 2007 (from CCNP)
  • 642-642 (QOS): 6 Feb 2008
  • 642-661 (BGP): 9 May 2008
  • 642-611 (MPLS): 22 Jun 2006
End day: 22 Jun 2008

I'm thinking of publishing on my blog some MPLS tutorials for "dummies" (like myself) in the near future, based on my last month's intensive reading/writing/experimenting. I don't consider myself an expert in (M|V)PLS, but i have gathered some nice info while preparing for the CCIP/MPLS exam. Also Networkers 2008 in Orlando was a major source of information.

But first i have to pass the CCIE SP written exam (hopefully before the end of this summer), because i'm planning (and hoping) to book for a 2008 lab date (will another 3 months be enough for a new CCIE certification???). Or maybe i'll have to wait a little more; until Cisco decides to retire that ugly looking plaque :p


  1. I think 3 month is more than enough to bridge the gap from (CCIE RS, CCIP & CCIE SP written)to CCIE SP

  2. Antonie, i hope you come out correct.
    There are various small things in CCIE SP that aren't included in CCIE R&S and most importantly i don't have the working experience i had in R&S.

  3. Since you proved RS can be done in 3 months, Im contemplating doing SP in 3. Im convinced its possible.

    Btw, how are the preparations going? SP written next?

  4. Hi, Actually, I Did my voice in 2-3 months, 3 years hands-on and my CCIE Sec in 2-3 months, fews weeks hands-on. Its basically a matter of experience.

  5. @ahenning,

    Right now i'm in a break because i have a project running on my work.
    I hope i'll have the needed free time afterwards in order to continue my preparation for the SP written.

    imho, experience is the most important factor for quick lab preparation. I wish i could change my job position in order to acquire experience in other technologies too.

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  7. Could you please provide links to some useful resources for the CCIP preparation? I'm looking forward to pass all the exams needed, but i don't aim to do this in three months... Can you share some experience of achieving this?
    Thx in advance

  8. soulache,

    cisco's CCNP Prep ( has many good resources regarding CCNP. Most of the apply to the CCIP too.

    The best preparation is the working experience. If you cannot have it, you'll probably need some equipment or dynamips to practice at home.


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