Sunday, August 10, 2008

Exam Discounts, Vouchers & Promotional Codes

Lately i'm finding quite a few of "free" voucher codes on the internet that provide you with 20%-30% off the price of a Cisco written exam.

According to Cisco, these third-party vouchers should not be used, but i have seen a lot of people giving them for free (Brandon being the latest example) and many other people using them without any problems. I respect Brandon's movement and intentions (everyone reading his excellent blog will probably agree with me), but i'm just wondering... how can someone get a voucher that is valid for many candidates? Is it some kind of multiple use voucher? And if there are multiple use vouchers, why does Cisco insist on denying them?

Anyway, this is the part from Cisco's policy i'm talking about:

Exam Discounts, Vouchers & Promotional Codes

Neither Cisco nor Pearson Vue, its primary test delivery partner, guarantee the authenticity of any discount or promotional code (e.g., voucher or promotional code) obtained from any third party individual or entity.

Cisco recommends that vouchers be purchased directly through Pearson VUE. Individuals who use any unauthorized discount or promotional code may have their exam results invalidated and/or risk up to and including a lifetime ban on all future exams and the nullification of all previous certifications. Cisco will not replace any voucher that is found to be fraudulent or used.

To be honest, i cannot quite justify the above "lifetime ban" and "nullification" statements. Losing all your certs because of using someone else's discount code?

Why should someone be banned after using an unauthorized discount/promotional code?

Where exactly do the words "unauthorized" & "authenticity" refer to? Do vouchers have any kind of AAA (minus accounting) functionality?

1st Update 12 Aug 2008 : According to Brandon's answer, Certified Cisco Systems Instructors (CCSIs) get such coupons and they are valid (and within the guidelines of the Exam Policy).

2nd Update 12 Aug 2008 : According to Brandon's new answer :
While the Terms of participation from vue state that the voucher is for students that are trained "online", and this blog was founded and provided at add to the learning experience of my students, the Terms of participation also include the verbage : "Such activities include, but are not limited to, false or deceptive use, or misuse of pre-assigned codes, mass electronic distribution, including but not limited to posting of pre-assigned codes on Internet Web sites, chat sites or via publicly available banner ads or Web links, or resale of pre-assigned codes or bundling packages that include pre-assigned codes."

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  1. I´ve heard from an instructor that VUE gave them codes to be given to their students. The instructor will win some gifts depending on how many guys use this discount coupon.



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