Saturday, February 2, 2008

Greek CCIEs

I'm trying to gather the names of all the Greek CCIEs and this is the list i have come up until now:

? Sotiris Spanos
? Paraskevas Lykourgiotis
? Nassos Papakostas
? Anastasios Lilakos

1858 Nicholas Stathakis
2310 Andreas Agrafiotis
4273 Pantelis Parvantonis
4446 Dimitri Kotantoulas
6046 Narkissos Sevastiadis
6507 Vicky Fyrigou
6866 Vassilis Constantopoulos
6969 Chara Kontaxi
6981 Nikolaos Apοstolou
7201 Yiannis Theologitis
7394 Elias Aggelidis
7522 Giannis Mouzakis
7676 Theodore Tzevelekis
8068 Epaminondas Karelis
8418 George Venianakis
8512 Giorgos Katsikogiannis
8729 Alkiviadis Zoupas
8787 Panayiotis Soultos
9559 Apostolos Asteriadis
9696 Dionisis Koutsis
9723 Thanos Sioutas
10166 Bill Kaloudis
10519 Andreas Deliandreadis
10721 Yiannis Margaritis
10752 Evangelos Vayias
10823 Chris Zotos
10903 Stathis Atmatzidis
11595 Dionyssis Theodosioy
11826 Sotiris Leventis
12239 Orestes Matos
12731 Constantinos Palamaras
13419 Mike Mihalas (?)
13998 Harris Prodromou
14922 Spyros Kranis
15010 George Papadimitriou
15600 Varthis Vassilantonakis
18448 Katerina Proestaki
19226 Constandinos Spathas
19858 Tassos (R&S)
24902 Konstantinos Chelidonis
25653 Vasileios Matiakis
28389 Dimitris Vassilopoulos
35300 Panagiotis Evangeliou (Voice)
36537 Spyridon Kakaroukas (R&S)
36673 George I. Papadopoulos (Voice)
36700 Panagiotis Tragas (R&S)

45+4 out of 50?

Last update : 07-Dec-2012

If anyone knows more info, please help me fill the above list.
For everyone interested, Brad Reese is trying to keep records of number of CCIEs over time.

General lists of CCIEs:

Update #1
Many thanks to Yiannis (#10721) for providing updated info.

Update #2
CCIE statistics have vanished from Cisco (check, so it's difficult to know the current number of Greek CCIEs.


  1. Hi Tassos,

    I am hosting the biggest CCIE Hall of Fame on the internet:

    I noticed your list and I will add them. As I verify all names in the CCIE Verification Tool I would like to be able to verify your name as well. How are you listed in the verification tool?


  2. Thanks for compiling this list. I'm actually listed as Dimitri Kotantoulas at the verification tool.

  3. Hi Tassos,

    You can add me too .. :)

    #28389 Dimitris Vassilopoulos

  4. CHARA KONTAXI (CCIE #6969) is in greece

  5. Thanks for the info Dimitris and Chara.

  6. Great job for Greek CCIE's.
    I'm George Venianakis, CCIE #8414, and already on your list.

  7. Count me in as a Greek ccie.... Nick Stathakis1858. (Australia)

    1. thx, i already had your name, so now it's verified.

  8. Are you listing just Greek CCIE's or CCIE's in Greece?
    Simon Grace 22023 Athens, Greece.

    For now ;)

    1. Simon, i'm listing Greek CCIEs only.

    2. George I. Papadopoulos 36673 Voice

  9. Anastasios Lilakos should be on this list.. but I don't know his No

  10. Thanks for the updates everyone. List has been updated.

  11. Panagiotis Tragas #36700


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